Horse Feathers: Show Preview

With his penchant for gossamer song arrangements, a delicate voice that often slips into falsetto, and a way of averting his eyes in photographs, you might be misled into thinking singer-songwriter Justin Ringle (of Portland, Ore.'s Horse Feathers) is of questionable inner resolve. But Ringle doesn't wilt — his songs never shy from the unyielding troubles of everyday life. In “Curs in the Weeds,” “Thistled Spring,” and “Working Poor,” he grapples with private desperation, never giving in to hopelessness. In “Different Gray” (“There aren't days/There's just different gray”), he celebrates monotony becoming its own precious color. Horse Feathers' intimate folk — assembled from bits of acoustic guitar, violin, and banjo — evokes a room with a single, unadorned light bulb: soft darkness touches corners, faint shadows cover faces. The project creates folk music at its most rich and inviting.

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