Hot Chip Brings the Cheese, Sleigh Bells Bring the Guawk

Hot Chip

Hot Chip
Sleigh Bells
@ The Warfield
October 17, 2010

Better than: Spending the same amount of time waiting to get off Treasure Island.

London's Hot Chip came on the scene (our scene, anyway) circa 2006 with a song called “Boy From School,” and it's made nice work of holding on to that image ever since. Throughout its various electropop involutions, this keening, non-threatening vibe has served the band well; perhaps too well, in that it borders between non-threatening and innocuous, and between innocuous and boring are blurry bits of ontological geography indeed. I for one never paid much attention to Hot Chip, probably for that reason. Maybe also a little bit because I didn't care much for their name.

Now then, about last night. First of all, the Warfield serves nachos — customizable nachos, no less — and, if there was a eureka moment worth reporting for your correspondent, it was the notion of, you know, eating hot chips while watching Hot Chip. (Didn't happen, but the very possibility was enough to move Hot Chip one notch toward “appetizing” in my book.)

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