How Do We Keep the S.F. Music Scene Alive? Come Discuss With Us at the Chapel

Maybe you saw our cover story last week on how San Francisco's music scene is weathering this massive economic boom. We spoke with two dozen musicians, club bookers, promoters, and tech employees to get a broad perspective on some of the paradoxes of the moment — like the fact that while musicians are leaving for Oakland, L.A., and other places, this city's clubs and studios are doing well.

The news can be saddening, but it isn't all bad. Artists and others are working hard to try to keep a vibrant music scene here in San Francisco — and many of those we spoke with are convinced that more can be done. On Tuesday, April 1, SF Weekly, The Root (a nonprofit dedicated to the music community in the Bay Area), and the Chapel are hosting a free panel discussion to talk about these issues: why musicians are leaving San Francisco, and what can be done to keep them here — along with the other pillars of a vibrant scene, such as clubs and studios.

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