How To Be a New Band in SF (Without Immediately Breaking Up)

You've never heard of Brightlighters because they've only been a band for five months. But this San Francisco trio — vocalist/guitarist Travis Busse, vocalist/bassist Matt Cline and drummer Nate Blaustone — are already experts when it comes to navigating the pitfalls of being the new boys in town. Here's their advice on how to be a new band in San Francisco, without immediately imploding.

Improvise on the Essentials
You have to have your own gear, which is expensive. Then you have to

have a way to transport that gear. We currently use Nate's roommate's Jeep to do that — which

gives us a really going-to-the-beach-in-the-'80s vibe before every show that we've had to learn to embrace. We've also learned to embrace bending ourselves into weird positions like it's a game of human Tetris, because there's not enough space for us in the Jeep once the gear's in. The other most important thing your band needs is a space to practice, which means renting one. By the way, renting a place to practice in San Francisco is more expensive than renting a house to live in in the suburbs. So you have to

share with other people. We share our practice space with a stoned marching band who are really into porn and fond of burning incense in there. Which is obviously awesome.

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