How To Be in Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend's Music Video (Without Looking Like an Idiot)

We've all been there. You're at home, doing the dishes or washing the dog, and in swans your famous partner and demands that you be in their latest music video. Nightmare, eh? We understand that this is a really common problem — Britney Spears' fella is apparently half-naked in her up-coming video for “Criminal” — so we wanted to guide you through this oh-so-public minefield as carefully as possible. Thankfully, we've got lots of examples for you to learn from. Here's some advice on how to be in your spouse's music video, without making a fool of yourself.

Don't Be Slutty in a Place of Worship
When Axl Rose rolled home to his then-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour and

asked her to be in the video for “November Rain,” we bet the

conversation went something like this:
Axl: “Honey, I've been thinking…”
Stephanie: “Is everything alright, dear?”

“Yeah… I guess. It's just that I'm punching so far above my weight

right now, dating you and all, I kind of want to put you in a Gn'R video

to prove that this even happened.”
Stephanie: “Oh sweetie, I'd love

to, but only if I can dress like a puffy whore in church and have you

ram your tongue down my throat while a priest watches. Is that cool?”
Axl: “Honey, you read my mind! Man, this relationship is going to last forever!”

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