How to Get Backstage After the Show

These days, being backstage at a show usually involves little more

than watching a pile of people obsess about food, try to locate the nearest

shower, and — most importantly — get venue Wi-Fi to work. Behind The Music-style rock 'n' roll hedonism is a rarity these days, but if you're still one of

those people desperate to see backstage action, or if it's a special night and you

know for sure that there's a raging party going on back there that you just

have to get into, you're facing a number of hurdles. Here's how you get over


  • Fake an illness
    There was this incident in 2001 at an Ataris show in the U.K.

    where a 15-year-old girl faked passing out so she could get beyond the

    backstage barriers. Once she got back, a friend of hers begged security

    to allow her through as well, to check on her friend. Once they were both back

    there, they burst into the band's room and started making out with each other

    in a vague attempt to seduce a pile of pop-punkers old enough to be their dads.

    We were there. It was one of the grossest things we've ever seen. But it was

    also kind of genius because it totally worked and no one kicked them out. High five, repulsive English teenagers!

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