How Yoshis' SF Failed, and What It Means for the Fillmore Jazz District

The End of Yoshi's SF: When the San Francisco jazz venue and restaurant Yoshi's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2012, its representatives said there was no chance of the club closing — that the move was only intended to restructure debts incurred since its founding in 2007.

They were, alas, wrong.

Yoshi's SF is not closing right away. But after six full years, the managing owners of the lauded Japanese restaurant and live music venue are relinquishing the business to a rival group of partners. Assuming the many involved parties bless the deal and the sale takes effect July 1, Yoshi's SF will have no more connection to its older, more established sister club in Oakland. Within three or four months, it will have a new name; before then, its celebrated but pricey Japanese cuisine will give way to a more accessible, more affordable menu. The live music program, which in the last few years had moved beyond jazz into R&B, world music, and hip-hop, will expand even further, though not for a while yet…. [continue reading]

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