Hustle Pays Off for New Dirtybird Signee

Wyatt Marshall drops debut two-song set, ‘Another Redundant Question.’

With hard work and perseverance, you can accomplish anything. Just ask Wyatt Marshall.

It was unfiltered hard work that led to Marshall’s debut minimal house EP, Another Redundant Question, out now on San Francisco’s Dirtybird Records.

Since the mid 2010s Dirtybird has dominated the more subtle sounds of house music, but a young Marshall, born Wyatt Eichhorn in Redwood City, discovered the soon-to-be powerhouse record label all the way back in 2008 when Dirtybird was still earning its wings.

Eichhorn fell in love with the amalgam of different genres Dirtybird showcased, including hip-hop, drum & bass, and deep house, but it was “Vocal Chords” by Dirtybird founder Claude VonStroke that solidified his fandom.

“I used to sit in my room and play ‘Vocal Chords’ over and over on my CDJ400,” Eichhorn says.

Little did he realize that his infatuation with that piece of music would change the trajectory of his life. Soon Eichhorn was learning to DJ and attending Dirtybird parties, following their ticket drops all around the Bay Area seeing if he could snag a pair.

It was through these ticket drops that Eichhorn first met VonStroke, still his “favorite DJ and producer” to this day, at a pop-up BBQ in Dolores Park. During this casual exchange, Eichhron first informed his house music idol that he intended to release music on Dirtybird.

Eichhorn has now accomplished his goal, and has built a relationship with VonStroke, whom he has served as a studio assistant, as a radio producer, as an A&R man for the label, then a remixer, and finally as a collaborator, co-producing “Youngblood,” one of only two tracks on VonStroke’s latest album, Freaks & Beaks, to include a featured artist.

“We have a really close relationship,” Eichhorn says of VonStroke (whom Eichhorn now refers to by his given name, Barclay Crenshaw).

Beyond their aligned taste in music, Eichhorn and Crenshaw developed a profound connection because of their shared impeccable work ethic.

“I just work my ass off at everything I do,” Eichhorn says. “It takes a lot of hustle and work to get you there, and when you do get there it still takes a lot of hustle and work. It doesn’t get any easier.”

So, when it came time for his first official release on Dirtybird, Eichhorn knew he had to keep it up. Throughout his time working with Crenshaw, Eichhorn sent so many demos with just as many rejections. 

It was actually two tracks suspended in production limbo that ended up becoming the Another Redundant Question EP. 

Crenshaw had expressed interest in the title track over a year before signing Eichhorn, but wasn’t sold on it. The B-side, “Da Ding,” was in Eichhorn’s library for over three years. Only after numerous refinements, rejections from other labels, and finding a track to pair was “Da Ding” ready for release on Dirtybird.

“It feels super good to have two songs that I know I’ve liked for a long time, to finally get released on one of my favorite labels,” Eichhorn says.

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