Iamsu! and DJ Mustard: Show Preview

The Bay Area is like a black hole for rappers — lots of talented ones never escape the strong gravity of their home region, and even some of the boldest voices are content to remain big nugs in the region's small sack of weed. Iamsu! is not one of them. With Sincerely Yours, his proper debut out last month, the grinning Richmond 24-year-old aims to set off dancefloors on both coasts. The same easygoing charm from his features on E-40's “Function” and Sage the Gemini's “Gas Pedal” courses through songs like the coming-to-fame tale “No Secret” and vivid love story “Girls,” proving that Iamsu! is really good at feeling good. Expect positive vibes and ghostly funk beats to come bursting out of Mezzanine when Iamsu! takes a hometown victory lap this weekend.

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