IAMSU Dishes On The Time He Got Pursued By A Fake Drake

The other day I met with IAMSU and his mom at a restaurant in Berkeley. It was my first time meeting the both of them and it had been rather difficult setting up the interview. When I got to the restaurant, I mentioned how grateful I was to finally meet the 26-year-old rapper and Heart Break Gang founder, which somehow brought us to the topic of creepy fans and impostors. It turns out that IAMSU was contacted by a Drake impostor at the end of last year (hence why he was so reticent about scheduling our interview). 

Here's IAMSU's fake Drake story in his own words:

“It was the first day of my Kilt 3 tour that started in December 2015 and I got hella text messages from Kehlani basically saying, 'Pick up your phone! Pick up your phone! Drake is calling!' I was like, 'Oh shit, okay.' I've never personally met the real Drake. I was in Toronto and we was standing by each other, but that's like the closest I ever got to Drake. 

[jump] So I come out of my hotel room and I go in my DJ's hotel room and I sit down and say, 'Bruh, this nigga Drake's about to call me right now.' So we get on the phone and do a three-way call with Kehlani's manager, David Ali, and this dude that works for Drake named 'Ryan' or something. We talk for a bit and then this person that sounds like Drake gets on the phone and starts talking to me. First he congratulates me and says he's been listening to my music for a while. And then he says he loves the Bay and started saying hella little facts connecting him to the Bay. Then he said he had a song for me. I was like, 'Okay, cool' and I gave him my email and we got off the phone.

For the rest of the day, he called me hella times. I had to drive from Santa Anna to Ventura for the next show and all throughout that whole four hour drive I got calls from the fake Drake. Probably like five. He's like, 'Yeah, man, I'm just trying to figure out how to give you this song because I don't want my music to get leaked. This stuff is secret and I wouldn't want it to get leaked and this and that.'

So we get to Ventura and he says he's going to have somebody bring the music on a file. He also said that he lives in Calabasas, so he'd drive to Ventura to come see me at my hotel. At the time that we were supposed to meet, this dude pulls up in a Rolls Royce and says his name is Kid Heat or something. He plays a beat and in my head I'm thinking, 'Drake wouldn't rap on this beat. This beat's not raw enough for Drake to rap on.' 

He ended up pulling up to my show, but I got a cousin that lives in Ventura who didn't fuck with the person that brought Fake Drake's music, so he left. But the guy kept calling and texting and saying he wanted to send me more music and I kept ignoring him until he disappeared.

I talked to David Ali a week later and he told me it was a fake. He talked to Drake's manager and gave him the whole run down. It was fishy from the jump, I now realize. I think the guy just wanted me to hear his music. 

Now I Google everybody a couple of times, and I make them go through like a bunch of steps in order to get in contact with me. Because he got in contact with me hella easy. So now I take a lot of precautions.”

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