Iggy Pop on Playing with the Stooges, Where He Can't Go in America, and More

Music stories from SF Weekly's latest print edition:

“Slightly Damaged”: A Conversation with Iggy Pop: After two rings, a gravelly voice picks up the phone and mutters a chewy “hello.” There's no publicist or handler — this is Iggy Pop himself, taking press calls at what he terms his “shack” in the Cayman Islands. The 64-year-old is about to head out for a handful of dates with the reunited Stooges, whose '60s and '70s albums took rock music to chaotic new extremes, foretelling the rise of punk. We spoke to Pop about how he still manages to contort himself onstage, finally joining the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame last year, and what new music he's listening to.

You're coming out to play four dates here in California and Vegas. What's the occasion?

All the other guys in the group are from California, and just kept hassling me, [squeaky voice] “We wanna play California!” So I said, “All right.” This edition of the band, which really got underway last year after [original guitarist Ron Asheton's] death in '09, we did the other parts of America that we can go to. [Continue reading … but note that the Stooges' show next week is canceled.]

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