In Print: Menomena, Scissor Sisters, and the Reunion of Bay Area Metalheads Sleep

Menomena: “Having long ago eschewed the glitchy breakbeats of its early albums, the Menomena of today is an immaculately spacious rock band,” writes Andrew Stout in this week's print edition. “Something vital has changed. Arrangements are stripped to their essentials with nary a wasted note. The ADD has gone OCD.”

Scissor Sisters: “Years before Lady Gaga helped re-coolify ambiguously oriented — and blatant — sexuality, Scissor Sisters went there without apology,” writes Dan Weiss this week. “But all the naughty word games and scandalous-by-default spittings are just decor for the Scissor Sisters' true agenda: fun.”
Sleep: “Sleep's brutal psychedelia spoke to aimless teenagers lacking heroes they could relate to, even years after its albums were written and recorded in the early '90s,” writes Patric Fallon. “Alongside the leafy drug with which the Bay Area band is so often associated, Sleep's music provided a gateway into the world of heavy sounds loudly played in hazy rooms — the fantastic realm of stoner metal.”
Also in print this week, Bouncer visits Jonell's Cocktail Lounge in the Tenderloin, and we recommend shows by Shonen Knife, Mark Kozelek, John Nemeth, DatA, and Trey Songz.
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