In Print: What Charles Hamilton Can Teach Lil B and Odd Future, Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, and More

What Charles Hamilton can teach Lil B and Odd Future: As quickly as Hamilton found himself on national magazine covers (XXL and style mag The Fader), his career unraveled, serving as a warning of the dangers of Internet-fueled stardom. He was accused of releasing too much music, blogging nonstop gibberish, and disrespecting deceased Detroit production legend J Dilla (whom Hamilton anointed, without permission, as “executive producer” of his album). He was later punched by a female rapper with whom he'd been intimate after he suggested in a video widely circulated online that she needed an abortion.

The downfall was public and symptomatic of the times. In an other era, a label would have played a forceful hand in selecting which of Hamilton's songs to release. Today, young artists tend to offer up every sketch of a new song and see what sticks.

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