In Which We Attempt to Review Lil B's New 676-Song Mixtape, and Only Partially Succeed

He claims to be Justin Bieber's cousin. He only has sex in space (or Japan). He samples Coldplay, Arcade Fire, and Radiohead several times each. He has eight different songs called “Suck My Dick.” He's Lil B, of course, and it's his Internet — we only surf in it. I put his monstrous new 676-song mixtape on shuffle and analyzed a few of its treasures for your pleasure. What resulted is below. (Download the whole thing here, here, and here.)

“Space Sex”

“We don't have regular sex/ We have space sex.” This is off to a bonkers start. The beat sounds like the aural equivalent of laser tag. Serious question: how can you “bring young bitches to their knees” in zero gravity? That sounds positively Olympic. “I don't need drugs to beat that pussy,” B announces. Beating that pussy: B's anti-drug.

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