Insane Clown Posse's Cutesy Makeover

Who could forget “Miracles,” ICP's insanely literal attempt at spirituality and gratitude that went viral back in April? The song that could have just as easily been called “Science?” Not indie band, Look at the Fields, who've granted the rainbow-throwup-mindfuck a second life.

Not so much ironic as it is more fitting to be sung by Look at the Fields, the cover's pretty true to the sappy spirit of the original. The indie pop band is just as boggled by “Long-necked giraffes / pet cats and dogs” as ICP was, and “The Pelican at Frisco Bay / that tried to eat your cell phone / (and caused you to run away)” is as “miraculous” as ever, but sung by them, it sounds less ridiculous and more storybook. One change that's especially funny, is Look at the Fields' exclusion of profane language. Why no fucking magnets? Too aggressive, Fields?

Insane Clown Posse plays w/ Kottonmouth Kings at The Warfield June 5.

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