Inside Fat Wreck Chords' Blank Bayview Exterior Is a Punk Rock Empire — and a Party Haven

There's nothing to recommend Fat Wreck Chords' Bayview office from the exterior. Located in a beat-up suite in a tiny industrial park, a handful of withered LPs bake behind the shuttered windows. It's hard to believe they host live music here once a month, inviting snotty modern punk bands from around the world, cheap beer flowing while Fat's sizable back catalog is up for sale to all comers. Through the glass door, one can spot a few exciting sights: Good Riddance and Strung Out banners, shelf after shelf of vinyl, and a stockroom promising more. On the front door, a sign asks that you ring a doorbell that is nowhere to be found, despite this author's best attempts (Fat Wreck web administrator Pat Rush soon arrives and explains that the bell was recently stolen).

Inside, it's only marginally more intriguing. Most of the office suite is a massive stock room with shelf after shelf of Fat's catalog, on CD, vinyl, and, yes, VHS.

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