Interpol Holds a Mass Celebration of Ennui at the Warfield


School of Seven Bells

January 30, 2011

@ The Warfield

Better than: Your average rock band's light show.

So, how did everyone enjoy their night at the Planetarium with Interpol?

Not that Interpol is a bad band. In fact it's an excellent band — at least on record.

Great live shows, however, always have a certain ebb and flow to them. Emotional highs and lows, dramatic peaks and quieter valleys. Fast, aggressive songs followed by mellower ones — a sense that the set list has been put together with the idea of overall balance in mind.

Interpol's show last night at The Warfield had none of that. It did, however, have a fantastic light show, with the band spending most of the gig dramatically backlit in a way that gave more than a few nods to the '80s.

It takes more than cool lighting to make a great show, though. For example, it takes a band that knows how to put on a dynamic performance. And that's where Interpol fell flat.

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