Is San Francisco Too Obsessed with Garage and Indie Rock?

In an interview this week with the excellent British music website The Quietus, San Francisco electronic artist oOoOO (real name: Christopher Dexter Greenspan) commented on the local popularity of garage/indie-rock:

On the subject of synths, you're from San Francisco. Your music isn't a brand I would assimilate with the usual sun-fried sound that emanates from the area.

CDG: Yeah, San Francisco is really big on garage rock right now, and rock/punk/guitar music in general. It's a weird place to be for me musically. People in New York and London — even people in L.A. — expressed an interest in what I'm doing before anyone in San Francisco. Even now, I get asked to play shows and do stuff way more often in New York than here. I did a DJ set in Chicago a few weeks ago and it got more press than I've got over the last year in San Francisco.

Leaving aside the fact that there is a ton of synth-based music coming out of S.F. — and that the city has long been a hotspot for electronic music of all intentions (dancing or otherwise) — Greenspan raises an interesting question here (not that he's the first):

Are we, both Bay Area music fans and journalists, too obsessed with the local garage/indie-rock scene? Is our obsession causing us to overlook other worthy local happenings?

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