Kathleen Hanna Gets Personal With the Julie Ruin at Slim's, 9/17/13

The Julie Ruin

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2013

Slim's 333 Club

Kathleen Hanna is wearing a blue and pink housedress onstage at Slim's and quipping about how her 44-year-old self would be sitting in the balcony for a show like this. Some young fan up front is spooning out compliments so lush that Hanna can't take 'em without a laugh. You're the number-one feminist! the fan says. Hanna demurs.

But almost everything that the riot grrrl progenitor says between songs tonight is either funny, revealing, self-deprecating, or inspiring — and often all four at the same time. Hanna is “an asshole in private.” She's wearing something under the dress that gives her “a Barbie-doll vagina.” She's written a song about falling off the wagon, and enjoying it but feeling guilty about enjoying it, because if she has just one beer, she can't stop drinking. She's incredibly co-dependent, she says. You can't not like her.


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