Kim Gordon's Body/Head Puts the Noise in Noise Pop's Opening Night

Body/Head, Horsebladder, Burmese @ Rickshaw Stop

Jason Lytle @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013 // Noise Pop Festival Opening Night

Better than: The ambient soundtrack at your local Guitar Center.

Noise Pop 2013 kicked off last night with something relatively rare for the 21-year-old indie music festival: Actual noise.

Well, okay: Hardcore fans of the genre wouldn't consider ex-Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon's new avant-rock duo, Body/Head, to be proper noise. But her careening, chaotic set with fellow guitarist Bill Nace certainly fell more in the realm of art music than pop music. It was a surprise choice for the opening night of a festival that has seemed in recent years to be inching toward more mainstream sounds.

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