Larry and His Flask: Show Preview

Lifting a meme-friendly Internet image for an EP cover when you're a folk/bluegrass/punk outfit is an inauspicious opening move, but Larry and His Flask still retains emotional gravity on Hobo's Lament. The painting on the front of the Central Oregon-rooted six-piece's 2012 release reuses a much-passed-around photo of a goofy homeless guy tossing up two middle fingers. The music is more substantial. “My Name Is Cancer” takes vindictive lyrics sung from the point of view of a disease that's left dents in the lives of band co-founders/brothers Jamin and Jesse Marshall, and fuses 'em with a fleet-footed, on-point stomp where all instruments attack. “Big Ride” begins and ends with a spidery guitar line; along the way, the track transforms into a thrilling chunk of swing music. Larry and His Flask turned a decade old as of 2013, but as its new, self-released album By the Lamplight shows, the band is definitely in its prime.

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