Larry June Headlines This Week’s Must-See Acts

Larry June
7 p.m., Friday, Jan. 3, at Slim’s. $30;
A Bay Area native whose laid-back flow complements his witty lyricism, Larry June radiates genuine positivity within his clever brand of hip-hop, tirelessly advocating a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Born in San Francisco, the MC was raised back and forth between the Bay and Atlanta, and became interested in rapping during his youth, releasing his first mixtape at age 15. June’s fervent fanbase would gradually grow through his visible social media presence and the success of a number of self-released mixtapes, eventually signing with his first major label Warner Bros in 2015. June would release acclaimed efforts like 2015’s #GoodJobLarry and 2016’s Orange Season, both of which hear the rapper dominate the control over his craft while coming across as authentic. The artist would eventually depart Warner Bros in 2017, opting to release music independently from then on, which has allowed June to have direct control over his message to his passionate fanbase.

9 p.m., Friday, Jan. 3, at Public Works. $15;
Effortlessly balancing sinister and sensual energies with her industrial-tinged approach to techno, Reka’s meticulous production technique has made her a champion within the genre, as her mastery behind the decks allows her to seamlessly navigate the deepest crevasses within dance music. A record collector since 10 years old, the brooding techno-maestro fully committed to music production after graduating college, gradually exploring dance music’s darker areas throughout her career and naturally gravitating toward techno’s malevolent sonic nature. Along with appearances at prestigious techno institutions like Berghain and Sonar, Reka has been a resident at Berlin’s Tresor for the past five years, becoming a favorite within the city’s dynamic techno scene. Reka’s 2018 debut EP Diving the Innermost introduces listeners to the producer’s apocalyptic take on techno, as elements of electro and ’80s-EBM linger within the EP’s ominous atmosphere.

Deep house
Nora En Pure
10 p.m., Friday, Jan. 3, at 1015 Folsom. $20;
Finding harmony between acoustic sounds and throbbing synthetic basslines, Nora En Pure’s mystical take on deep house evokes a sense of adventure within every listener. Born Daniela Di Lillo, the South African-born and Swiss-raised producer spent much of her youth traveling the world, with music being the common thread throughout her journey, playing instruments and singing from an early age. After dipping into music production in college, Di Lillo would release music under the Nora En Pure moniker in 2010, becoming a star overnight with her gorgeous 2013 hit single “Come With Me,” a woozy deep house masterpiece that can still be heard throughout clubs and festivals around the world today. In addition to successful residencies in Las Vegas and Ibiza, Di Lillo’s radio show Purified on Sirius XM has established the producer as a key tastemaker amongst deep house connoisseurs.

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