Las Vegas Vegoose Festival Coverage: Daft Punk, Iggy and More

This just in from Randall Roberts at our sister paper in LA, the LA Weekly:

The only notation I have from the Daft Punk show last night is in this illegible scribble – we were all pretty much bouncing as one as I was trying to write it. It reads, “I am the Brainwasher.” That's it, a reminder to mention something about their song, “Brain Washer,” from Human After All. I can't remember what I'm supposed to tell you, though. For all the beauty of the Daft Punk experience, and it is one of the most inventive stage shows ever presented (they could take this baby to the Vegas strip, easily), it's hard to capture in words.

The Bay Area knows, man. We know. For full Vegoose action, go to the LA Weekly, and not Google. Google is for communists. –David Downs

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