Last Night: Artie Lange Leaves ‘Em Laughing at the Masonic Center

Artie Lange

Nob Hill Masonic Center

September 19, 2008

Review by John Geluardi

Comedian Artie Lange took San Francisco by storm Friday night with a cohort of the misguided, mutant and malformed from the Howard Stern Show.

Lange was the headliner at the sold-out Nob Hill Masonic Center, which is a far cry from opening for other acts at crummy city comedy clubs as he did in the mid-1990s.

Lange was on location in San Francisco for three months in 1998 while filming “The Bachelor.” During that time he grew fond of the city, which he says has an East Coast feel. The rotund comedian got a huge roar from the crowd when he said he preferred San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, which he called a city of “bullshiters.”

There were also appearances by Rev. Bob Levy, Yucko the Clown, Beatlejuice, Eric the Midget and… who else… oh yeah, Sal Governale (ho hum).

Despite being in the spiritual homeland of political correctness, the raunchy Lange did not hold anything back and the audience, clearly avid Stern fans, loved it. Nothing was sacred, gays, girlfriends, race, “retards,” midgets, or his recent heroin relapse. “I was recently in Afghanistan and I couldn’t help thinking this where heroin comes from,” he says. “I always wanted to try some fresh heroin, you know something that hasn’t been smuggled in a Puerto Rican girl’s ass for three years.”

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