Last Night: Cut Copy at the Fillmore

Cut Copy
The Fillmore
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Review by Melissa Baron
Better Than:
Doing homework. Not as good as watching The Office.

Hey Cut Copy, Duran Duran called and they want their catalog back.

Some critics argue that music, much like fashion, comes in cycles. The same ideas, beats, and rhythms are constantly recycled into new adaptations of something that has already been done. There's truth to this, but there are also bands attempting to play innovative, creative, and inventive music. Cut Copy isn't among those acts, as was made clear at last night's Fillmore show.

The concert opened with Matt & Kim, the Brooklyn duo

notorious for being the happiest people alive. With

the venue only about half full, their sound was lost in the massive

hall, echoing into the ceiling and the wings. They had the same set up

as their last show, with big screens displaying projections of their name, along with

video footage and their new album cover. The duo looked sweetly

uncomfortable playing in such a giant, historic venue like the

Fillmore, especially while playing for a crowd unfamiliar with their music.

They were very gracious and thankful that people arrived early enough

to actually watch their set, though, and they brought their reliably incredible energy to the performance.

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