Last Night: Dethklok, Mastodon, Converge and High on Fire

Metalocalypse Tour with Dethklok, Mastodon, Converge and High on Fire
Nov. 21, 2009
San Jose State Event Center

Better than:
Getting your ass whupped by Glenn Danzig's cartoon twin.

It takes a pretty stellar concert lineup to coax even the most fanatical San Francisco music fan all the way to San Jose on a Saturday night, but the promise offered by the final stop of the Adult Swim-sponsored Metalocalypse Tour made the trip to the South Bay a no brainer. If sets from Oakland's own sludge maestros High on Fire and the mighty prog-metal juggernaut that is Mastodon weren't enough to entice, a headlining performance by Dethklok – the Cartoon Network's animated death metal equivalent of Spinal Tap – sealed the deal.

Unfortunately, a preposterously punctual start time dashed any hopes for a headbanger's trifecta. Despite leaving SF prior to sunset, we missed all but a song and change of High on Fire's brief 30-minute set. Given guitarist Matt Pike's iconic status as a founder of the South Bay stoner-rock legends Sleep, you'd think his band might get the benefit of a tour-closing hometown line-up shuffle. No such luck. In fact, friends who were waiting to enter the venue at the 6:30 p.m. start time said you could already hear the band playing when the doors opened. WTF? The trio still garnered an enthusiastic response from those who managed to make it in time to catch their locomotive crunch and Pike's authoritative guitar fury.

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