Last Night: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Live

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Live
Thursday, Sept 24, 2009
Better Than: Actually visiting Philadelphia.

When It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia debuted on FX in 2005, it wasn't a runaway success. But the show about four dysfunctional friends trying to run a bar, whose inaugural episode was called “The Gang Gets Racist,” quickly amassed a highly devoted fan base. Sunny isn't a program that people are “kind of” into. It's something fans quote incessantly and become emissaries for. So when a live version was announced, followers happily snapped up tickets.

The crowd at the Nob Hill Masonic Center was palpably excited and visibly drunk. Several attendees had decided to pay homage to the show through costume. A foursome were wearing cotton-ball wigs (a nod to a show in which the clan flashes back to colonial times) and two men (we think) were wearing head to toe green spandex, a get-up donned by one of the characters when they become an alter-ego called Green Man.

Local cowboy warbler Toshio Hirano opened the performance with mournful songs of heartbreak and yodeling. Hirano usually plays small, intimate places like The Rite Spot, so it was fun to see him before a big audience. But his baleful tunes and polite, gentlemanly manner wasn't a match for the restless crowd that couldn't help chattering and hollering through his set, which produced the odd effect of being in a rowdy honky-tonk bar.

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