Last Night: Kev Choice at We All We Got

Kev Choice
Levende Lounge
March 11, 2009
Better Than:
watching reruns of Lost.

Most hip-hop open mics are dingy, dusty affairs offering plenty of underground flavor in basement-like settings. Upscale restaurant-lounges used to be reserved for jazz trios.But We All We Got, a new Wednesday night talent showcase, breaks both molds by taking place at Levende, an upper Mission St. locale where the décor can accurately be described as “posh.”

The evening started with selections from DJ Mike Biggz, and some verbal niceties from host Sellassie. People trickled in, rather slowly at first. Most seasoned clubgoers generally wouldn't think of arriving at a venue before 11:30 p.m. While that latecomer logic holds true at many a spot where DJ music is the main draw, at an open mic night, if you get there too late you might miss something interesting, like the guy who did a song from a rap project based around Tom Waits samples (which sounded pretty good, actually).

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