Last Night: OK Go at The Fillmore

@The Fillmore
May 26, 2010

Better than: Naked hot-tubbing.

About 45 minutes into the OK Go show, lead singer Damian Kulash held out his guitar over an audience member crammed up next to the Fillmore stage, handed her his pick and signaled her to strum along with the rest of the band. This particular moment, which came and went without much fanfare, passed in a heartbeat, but was a fitting example of the very nature of this LA-based group.

OK Go, known best for their massively successful viral music videos “Here It Goes Again” and “This Too Shall Pass,” are the kind of band that simply has a knack for writing shamelessly catchy pop songs. The hooks are tight. The anthems are predictable and hypnotic. However, it is not the type of music that is boarding any borders of sound.

It is safe clean fun here. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it might leave one wondering, “Why is this band so damn popular? How did these guys get the golden ticket over the ten zillion other pop bands out there?”


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