Last Night: Owen Pallet and Snowblink at the Independent

Owen Pallet, Snowblink
May 5th 2010
The Independent

Better Than: A night at the Symphony

Plenty of musicians do the one-man-band loop deal, but no one does it more eloquently than Owen Pallet. Pallet (formerly Final Fantasy) is also very good at performing while drunk–as he announced to a very packed Independent last night. Inebriated or not, Pallet showcased his dizzying musicianship with flair using a violin, keyboard, and loop station. Touring in support of his January release Heartland, which should easily top best of 2010 lists, he played non-stop to an attentive, appreciative audience.

Fellow Torontonians Snowblink got the night did their part to warm up the room, though. The adorable duo played their airy, folksy harmonies over layered guitars. The highlight came when a trio of the bands' friends became backup singers, playing bells on a rope. When they got tired of the rope, they commissioned a couple people by the front of the stage to hold it for them, ringing it on cue. Another interesting bit from their set: the singer had antlers on his guitar.


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