Last Week: Charlie XCX's “F Word”, Adele's B-Word and Pearl Jam's Virginity

Everyone's gone super-political this week (except Courtney Love, naturally). We saw Killer Mike biggin' up Bernie Sanders and RZA backing Hillary Clinton. We heard Thom Yorke talking shit about Tony Blair and watched MIA's refugee-focused video, as well as Charlie XCX's (rather entertaining) feminist documentary. This also happened to be the week that Eagles of Death Metal broke down, in harrowing detail, exactly what happened during the terrorist attack at the Bataclan two weeks ago — essential viewing.

Here are the quotes of the week:

“Every photograph they decide to use is… a crotch shot, and there are people who are really mad, like 'How dare you do this?!'… But then I'll wear something totally different and I'm covered completely and they'll be like 'Ach! What a hipster! Covering up! Like a boring woman!'”
Charlie XCX made a documentary for the BBC about being female in the music industry. It's pretty good. (YouTube)

“I'm not here to talk about benevolent politicians that are gonna come and save the day for you. I'm not gonna talk about a dream that we think is unattainable so we settle for less. I'm not here to talk about a Utopian society where everyone is forgiven and no one has to pay for past debts…I'm talking about a revolutionary…I'm here as a proponent for a political revolution.”
Killer Mike, introducing Bernie Sanders at an Atlanta rally. (YouTube)

“Look at America: we represent history and we represent the world in a certain way. People look at us as a beacon. And Barack Obama winning twice was a beacon of, 'Okay, this country, potentially, is shifting dynamics, and is accepting its people as people, as Americans, and not declassifying them because of that.' And for that to happen for a woman as well is probably past overdue.”
RZA is ready for Hillary. (Rolling Stone)

If you haven't watched this Eagles of Death Metal interview yet, you need to watch it immediately (Vice):

“We were in the midst of the Iraq War and Big Ask campaign was proving very successful. So Blair said: ‘I should meet this guy’. Then Blair’s advisors tried to blackmail me, saying: ‘If you don’t agree to meet the Prime Minister, Friends of the Earth will be denied all access to him.’ Because of the Iraq war, I didn’t want to do it. I felt it was morally unacceptable for me to be photographed with Blair.”
While he was the face of Friends of the Earth's Big Ask campaign, Radiohead's Thom Yorke claims the British government tried to blackmail him into a Tony Blair photo op. (Telerama)

“We are deeply concerned that our global economic and industrial systems are accelerating rates of extinction, desertification and soil depletion, degrading ecosystems, acidifying and littering our rivers and oceans, and resulting in a relentless rise in greenhouse gas emissions driving irreversible climate change.”
David Bowie, Radiohead, Iggy Pop, Coldplay, Robert Plant, Pet Shop Boys, Damon Albarn, Björk, and many more, have signed a petition urging the “Executive Secretary Figueres” and the President of the COP21 climate summit, to make an “ambitious international agreement”. (NME)

“You're cool in my book, @justbieber xc”
Courtney Love, comforting Justin Bieber after the pop star was criticized for wearing a Nirvana T-shirt. (Twitter)

“I’m going to say something I’ve never said before… Hola Bogotá! We are losing our virginity with Colombia!”
Eddie Vedder, performing with Pearl Jam in Bogota, Columbia. (Billboard)

Adele, after losing a round of “Box of Lies” to Jimmy Fallon. (The Tonight Show)

And finally, MIA made a boat out of people:

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