Last Week: Taylor Swift Holds Her Own, Hayley Williams Holds Her Pee, and Gwen Stefani Can't Stop Laughing

“Being on my own, prioritizing my girlfriends, my family and my music above everything else and trying things I never thought I'd try… It's really been a liberating and freeing time… I made the decision to spend time on my own and figure out who I am…I'm not too worried about whether I meet someone… I'm going to be happy either way.”
Taylor Swift' doesn't need any of those silly boys anymore. Get it, girl! (People)

“Sometimes i sit at my computer for a minute… then 87 hours later i look up and realize it's dark outside and i've had to pee for ages.”
Paramore's Hayley Williams has got really great bladder control. (Twitter)

[jump] “I am leaving Crystal Castles. My art and my self-expression in any form has always been an attempt towards sincerity, honesty, and empathy for others. For a multitude of reasons both professional and personal I no longer feel that this is possible within CC.”
Bye, Crystal Castles. Thank goodness Alice Glass has promised future solo material… (Twitter)

“I think we have successfully commandeered the best of what there is. I suspect this is it. It's a shame, but this is the end.”
David Gilmour from Pink Floyd says the band is over. Bye, Pink Floyd! Again. (BBC Radio 6)

The BBC assembled an array of humans for an epic cover of “God Only Knows”. (Highlights include Elton John's butterfly jacket and Dave Grohl in a thunder cloud):

“I've been laughing so hard since I've been on the show, I have to get facial massages.”
Gwen Stefani has found a new way to never, ever age, via her first season on The Voice. (The Voice, NBC)

“We may have travelled too far into the future for some minds, but to me it's totally to help train mainstream ears.”
Julian Casablancas considers his music training wheels for future hipsters, apparently. (The Guardian)

“If I die, then I die. And if I don't, then I don't.”
Morrissey talks about the fact that he's undergone cancer treatments, in a typically Morrissey manner. (Morrissey Solo, via El Mundo)

“If transphobes were an ice cream flavor, they would be Pralines and Dick”
We hope there are no transphobes working at Ben & Jerry's, Laura Jane Grace. (Twitter)

And finally, Lil Jon really wants you to vote on November 4th:

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