LastNight: Blitzen Trapper at the Bottom of the Hill

By Melissa Baron

Blitzen Trapper with Fleet Foxes

February 28, 2008

Bottom of the Hill

Better Than: Watching the OC on DVD while doing homework. Way better.

Download: Anything from Fleet Foxes, “Wild Mountain Nations” and “Sci-Fi Kid” by Blitzen Trapper. Also check out opening bands Sholi from the Bay Area (they covered a song in Farsi) and Here, Here from San Francisco (they sound like the Arcade Fire's pop punk baby).

Some people claim that the bigger the better, a more music savvy interpretation of this theory could be the more instruments and band members the more rockin'. Tonight's show provided the perfect evidence. Bottom of the Hill opened their doors to about a hundred musicians and five hundred instruments for the four band Noise Pop show (only a slight hyperbole). Sure preparing the stage , tuning and set change took a billion years, but it felt worth every minute.

Sub Pop band Blitzen Trapper hail from the Pacific Northwest. Portland, OR to be exact. “The City of Roses,” home to loads of breweries, several bridges, Powell's Books (a full city block of reading material), the Trail Blazers and several indie rock phenomenons (the Shins, the Decemberists, the Thermals, anyone?). Obviously the city could foster enormous talent.

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