LastNight: Cold Hot Crash Headlines Super-Indy X-Mas at Bottom of the Hill

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Cold Hot Crash, Built for Sea, The Hundred Days and Elephone (with special guest spots from Mud, Panda, Audrye Sessions, Poor Bailey, Push to Talk, Emperor Norton, Bray, The Trophy Fire, and Persephone’s Bees)

November 30, 2007

Bottom of the Hill, SF

Better Than: Staying at home, downloading Christmas elf porn, eating candy canes until diabetic coma sets in.

Download: Samples from the new “Foggy Holiday” album.

Local label Talking House galvanized 13 Bay Area bands Friday for a night of beer-swigging, head-banging holiday carols at Bottom of the Hill. The four headlining bands — Cold Hot Crash, Built for the Sea, The Hundred Days and Elephone — also rocked full sets worth of their own material, and the show culminated with an entire stage full of Bay Area band members singing John Lennon’s “Happy X-Mas (War Is Over).”

With Push to Talk’s James Leste at the helm, the SF bands collectively chanted Lennon’s delicate, sincere challenge: “War is over / If you want it.”

Presumably we're referring to the war between tight pants and tortured ball sacks. The tight pants have it.

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