LastNight: Freaks and Geeks Reunion Q&A at Cobb's Comedy Club

(photo credit: Jakub Mosur)

By Oscar Pascual

Although the brilliant television series lasted only 18 episodes, Freaks and Geeks reunion Q&A moderator Patton Oswalt put it best during the introduction of the panel. “It’s like the best 18-hour indie film ever made,” said Oswalt.

The cast of the short-lived but ultimately satisfying series were then welcomed by the fervent cheers from a packed audience of maladjusted souls who could relate with the show. The accurate depiction of the awkward social atmosphere known as high school rang true for those caught in the middle, who weren’t sports athletes but weren’t exactly GATE students either.

Oswalt then began the round of questions himself, which revealed that the effectiveness of the show’s emotion was due to its true sincerity in that the show was entirely autobiographical from experiences creator Paul Feig, his writers and cast went through. Feig explained that he had everyone write down all their most humiliating high school moments, no matter how emotionally scarring, and manifested the best (or worst) events on screen. “Everything on the show were incidents that all happened,” said Feig.

Actor Linda Cardellini, who played main Freak Lindsay Weir, galvanized this fact, explaining when she would act certain scenes she felt were so incredulous that she couldn’t believe they actually happened. “I would see the sadness in Paul’s eyes and realize it was the truth,” she said, which gave way to the sympathetic groans and laughter of the audience.

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