LastNight: Prefuse 73 Glitches Out Slim's

By Oscar Medina

Prefuse 73 just can't seem to please anyone these days. Remeber back in 2001 when Scott Herren dropped Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives? Soon to be followed by the now classic One Word Extinguisher? Ink gushed for this wonderkid from Atlanta with an MPC 2000. Here was a guy who singlehandedly put experimental hip hop on the map with just two records; his schizophrenic mix of skitterish, stutter-step drum editing, samples from obscure psych and found sounds, not to mention the drum programming skills of a mad scientist appealed to indie rockers, hip hop headz, noise avatarz, and yes, the critics. A few years passed, a few albums were made that criticized Prefuse for either moving too far away from his roots or working with too many guests as evinced by the problematic release “em>Surrounded by Silence, and just like that the smug naysayers seemed to have been right.

Well, it's 2007 and Prefuse 73 is touring on the heels of his new release Preparations, and prepared is what you need to be because the man showed us Saturday night that he is in top form.

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