LastNight: The Mountain Goats Record for Daytrotter and a Tour of the Wolfgang Vault

By Melissa Baron

The Mountain Goats

March 1, 2008

Better Than: Anything other interns get to do at their respective media institutions.

Download: The Mountain Goats tracks on Daytrotter.

Lots of people decide on careers in journalism for the Almost Famous factor. A theory seems to exist that reporters mingle with celebrities and go to fantastic rock concerts. Frequently, this pursuit ends in disappointment when once enthusiastic writers become bored and frustrated fact checkers. Not for me. The morning of March 1 I had one of those moments that makes you want to write about music forever.

Daytrotter, an innovative music website based out of Rock Island, Illinois, held recording sessions at the Mosser Hotel. Obviously this prompts two questions: what does Daytrotter do and how do you record at a hotel? Daytrotter records bands when they tour across the country. They post these recordings on the internet for streaming and download. Along with the tunes they have text (more narrative than journalistic) and illustrations (no photos). The result is an art project of sorts, a creative center for multiple senses. Founder Sean Moeller says that the site “cuts down to the compete core of what makes music great.” The impact of live music is undeniable and Daytrotter brings raw and fantastic music to listeners. Previously recorded artists include Rivers Cuomo (you know, the Weezer dude?), Beirut, GWAR and Tokyo Police Club and almost everyone else you can think of.

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