Lauryn Hill and Dave Chappelle Drop a Surprise Late-Night Show on Oakland

Lauryn Hill and Dave Chappelle

April 13, 2011 (Actually April 14)

@ The New Parish, Oakland

Better than: A good night's sleep

When the news hit Twitter Wednesday afternoon, it seemed like a prank: Lauryn Hill and Dave Chappelle had announced a last-minute show at the New Parish in Oakland? For that very night? Sure, Hill played the Warfield Tuesday, but wasn't Titus Andronicus at New Parish Wednesday? Well, yes — the Hill/Chappelle affair was a special late-night deal, set for 1-3:30 a.m., after Titus' set at the cozy downtown Oakland club. The prices seemed real enough — $90 a ticket for the floor, $140 for VIP treatment — and by late Wednesday evening, word hit that even at that dime, the show was nearly sold out.

By 12:45 a.m., a mere 15 minutes before the things were supposed to start, a very real line of fans snaked around the corner from the venue, down San Pablo Avenue, and back around 17th Street, encompassing nearly an entire city block. No one knew what to expect. Giddy fans smoked, hit bowls, waved paper tickets around excitedly, and chatted about the need for Red Bull. Around 1, the line actually started to move, and frantic organizers divided up the crowd to get everyone in faster.

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