Lead For Lunch: California Public Health Dept. Promotes Healthy Eating, Brain Damage

Oh the terrible irony. The California Department of Public Health has issued a warning that the 56,000 free lunchboxes they handed out to school kids, promoting them to “Eat Fruits and Vegetables and Be Active,” may contain dangerous levels of lead. The lunchboxes were handed out at health fairs and other presumably lead-free events.

On second thought kids, fuck eating fruits and vegetables, just stay away from public health programs.

Now parents whose kids have been using the lunchboxes are being urged to get their kids tested for lead poisoning, which can, you know, damage your brain. It's so good to know that the Department of Public Health is watching out for the kids, isn't it?

Oh, and no surprise here: the lunchboxes were made in China, which has been under intense pressure to clean up its exports ever since toy giant Mattel recalled more than 21 million Chinese-made toys this summer due to concerns about lead.

Lunchbox picture from the California Department Of Public Health

— Brian Bernbaum

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