Lil B Signs Tour Deal with Live Nation, Holds Major Label Hopes

Hope you're not sick of hearing about Lil B yet, but if you are, you might want to just fast-forward through 2k11. It's shaping up to be a pretty Based year, what with the Berkeley's rapper's MTV appearance, XXL Freshman class cover, SXSW appearances (juiced up by Diddy and Odd Future), and even a new single that sounds basically like, well, a good rap song.

And now this: Long an irregular presence on the live stage — over the last year, the Internet star played two sold-out shows to ministers of the blogosphere in New York, but no headlining hometown sets — Lil B recently inked a deal with tour giant Live Nation for a string of shows around the East Coast and the Midwest. He also lined up a headlining show at Mezzanine here in San Francisco, set for April 21.

“It's for sure the first [Bay Area] show of this new era of people being aware of Lil B,” his manager, Sebastian Demian, tells SF Weekly.

It might also be a sign of what's in the future for Brandon McCartney, a

21-year-old member of East Bay rap collective the Pack. The Live Nation

deal is only four shows and two festival appearances, but Demian says

he's hoping to expand that to a larger tour. And the fact that Live

Nation made a deal with Lil B — an independent artist who isn't signed

to any label — is surprising on its own. Demian says the people he

worked with Live Nation couldn't remember making such an agreement


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