Listen: Jello Biafra’s Rush Limbaugh Memorial Tune

‘Blunder Blubber’ is exactly what you’d expect from the Dead Kennedys frontman and San Francisco denizen.

If the quality of light seemed somehow brighter around San Francisco last Wednesday, there was a scientific reason behind that: Rush Limbaugh — conservative “humorist” who celebrated the death of gay men during the AIDS epidemic and invented the term “feminazi” — fucking died

Never one to waste an opportunity, Jello Biafra — Dead Kennedys frontman, former SF mayoral candidate, and current bandleader of the Guantanamo School of Medicine — hopped on Twitter the following day with some exuberant tweets, and a surprise.

“Good news for once: RUSH LIMBAUGH IS DEAD!!! Dead! Dead DEAD!!!!!!” the “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” singer wrote. “He went so far out of his way to hurt so many people. And laughed all the way to the bank.”

Two tweets later came the surprise: “Blunder Blubber,” a joyously direct, three-minute Guantanamo School of Medicine song directed at the recently dead conservative.

“Just when you thought things couldn’t get any lower, here comes the B-B-B-B-Blunder Blubber!” Biafra wails — as only he can — in the song’s opening moments, calling out the “Pillsbury dough demon” for his “talk show hate.”

“Blunder Blubber” is bone simple in the best way, from it’s right-to-it chorus of “Flush Rush, Fuck Fox,” to its mostly two-note guitar solo. Apparently written during the ’90s, Biafra explains, “I was hoping I would never have to use it at all, but we sorta had no choice but to update and perform it now.”

On the song’s Bandcamp page, Biafra writes at length about the Fairness Doctrine, “the law requiring that if you talk shit on what is still the Public airwaves, you have to let the other side reply.” In the ’80s, Reagan vetoed the law’s renewal, an act that directly led to disinformation mills like the Rush Limbaugh Show and the O’Reilly Factor. In “Blunder Blubber,” Biafra ties this to the “Prairie Home neo-nazi companions” and “hate pastry of the day” of Limbaugh.

“No MAGA monster without him. No capital riots without him, really,” Biafra writes on Bandcamp.  

By the second chorus, I was ready to sing along too. Fuck Fox. Flush Rush. And you know what? While we’re here, nazi punks, fuck off.

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