Listen: Mikal Cronin's Poignant New Power-Pop Single, “Made My Mind Up”

So did every songwriter in the Bay Area retreat into their bedroom last year with the entirety of the Replacements' and Big Star's catalogs before writing their new record for 2015?

To be clear: We're not complaining. Especially if the resurgence of appreciation for that style of earnest, guitar-driven power-pop results in more songs like “Made My Mind Up,” the first single off local treasure Mikal Cronin's forthcoming MCIII, his third solo record and a follow-up to 2013's (wait for it) MCII. With a swaggering, emotive electric guitar riff up front, Cronin's sweet crooning darts in and out of center stage, as sing-songy keys, an urgent drumbeat and deliciously '70s-esque backing vocals build a wall of sound around it; that it all drops out a couple of times throughout the track only adds to the dynamic. 

[jump] MCIII — on which Cronin plays French horn, saxophone, tzouras, and trumpet, in addition to arranging parts for a string quartet — will be out May 5 on Merge, with a limited-edition run of clear vinyl, as Cronin wrote yesterday on his fancy new website.

Give it a listen below. Cronin's next hometown show is at the Independent on April 22. 

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