Litquake's Bawdy Storytelling: Tales of Fake Rape, Rejection as Foreplay, and Seduction By Muppet

Bawdy Storytelling

October 6, 2010

@ The Blue Macaw

Better than: Reading a dirty book

Six storytellers flanked by half-naked clowns – and one cop/clown hybrid – engaged in group therapy with about 200 sexy brainiacs last night at the Blue Macaw.

Personal narratives included tales of forced seduction in Sweden, coming repeatedly in the name of science, rejection as foreplay in a restricted relationship, and an obsessive Wicccan's rape fantasy gone terribly wrong — for her boyfriend — in a public park.

It was Dixie De La Tour's latest installment of Bawdy Storytelling, this time part of Litquake, San Francisco's weeklong annual literary festival.

The lineup included Tim Barsky, Stephen Elliott, Johnny Funcheap, Joe Klocek, JDelicious, and Morgan. The Porn Clown Posse was on hand for various acts of mischief on the fringes.

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