Live Review, 10/1/12: Garbage and Screaming Females Offer a Study in Feminine Snarl at the Warfield


Screaming Females

Monday, Oct. 1, 2012

The Warfield

Better than: Watching VH1's I Love the '90s for the seventeenth or eighty-second time.

Seven years after the band members walked offstage and into indefinite hiatus, Garbage is once again a thing — a touring, recording, gut-throbbing entity that damn near packed the Warfield last night.

And while it may be remembered (or dismissed) as a postgrunge relic with a few hits to its name — at least for those of us who still have basic cable and/or a modern rock radio station — Garbage's novel-in-the-'90s combination of obsessive production, clubby beats, and rock tenacity now seems kind of prescient. Look around at the pop music landscape in 2012 and we've got a lot more of the kind of stuff Butch Vig and Steve Marker were dialing up in a Madison, Wis., warehouse back in 1993: the rock band format has become largely an onstage vehicle for electronic and/or studio productions, and the lines between indie, pop, R&B, and dance music are now so blurry they're often hard to find at all.

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