Live Review, 2/23/12: Locals Fidlar and Shannon and the Clams Steal the Soft Pack's Thunder at Cafe Du Nord

The Soft Pack

Shannon and the Clams


Surf Club

Thursday, Feb. 24th, 2012

Café Du Nord

Better than: The homeless drum circle down the block, by far.

If the purpose of Noise Pop is to showcase lesser-known groups in addition to quality headliners, then the inclusion of Fidlar as an opener at last night's Noise Pop event at Café Du Nord was a glorious success. They dispensed a potent strain of raving garage-punk with deft execution and earnest vitality very early in the evening. Rarely pausing between songs, the surprisingly young band played with unhinged exuberance that was not once hindered by non-professionalism or any of the faults commonly diminishing new bands' performances.

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