Live Review, 5/11/2012: Roger Waters Takes a Stand for Bleeding Hearts and Artists Outside The Wall

Roger Waters

Friday, May 11, 2012

AT&T Park

Better than: Every previous Pink Floyd-related tour. No, really.

Apparently those epic theatrical extravaganzas mounted by Pink Floyd in the 1970s and '80s — with their massive film projections and towering marionettes — just weren't getting Roger Waters' message across to people. Ever since Pink Floyd released The Wall in 1979, untold numbers of the band's fans (and I've talked with more than a few myself) have mistaken the album's goose-stepping second half as a latent embrace of xenophobia. So when choosing to rebuild The Wall for the 21st Century, Waters simply dispensed with subtlety altogether.

Oh, sure, the concert's monumentally huge, flag-swinging rallies reminiscent of the 1936 Nuremberg Zeppelinfeld remain in play. The Wall's powerfully iconic — and undeniably alluring — Marching Hammer imagery is all over the tour's souvenir merch, too. And who doesn't love sleek 'n' snappy uniforms designed by Hugo Boss?

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