Live Review, 5/19/12: UnderCover's Paranoid Draws Sabbath Out, Softens It Up

UnderCover Presents Black Sabbath's Paranoid

Various Artists

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Independent

Better than: Trying to hold a conversation with Ozzy Osbourne.

There are a few reasons Ozzy Osbourne would bite the head off UnderCover Presents' live version of Black Sabbath's Paranoid. For one thing, there's a time and a place for breath meditation, and a Black Sabbath tribute concert ain't it. Saturday night at The Independent, in the latest installment of the approximately quarterly project, more than 50 Bay Area musicians took on Black Sabbath's second and arguably greatest record. The project gathers local performers to reinvent, re-record, and perform an iconic album under the guidance of a local guest music director, in this case bass clarinet player and composer Cornelius Boots (whose version executive producer Lyz Luke introduced as “one of the most demanding” in UnderCover's short history).

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