Live Review, 9/11/12: Hot Chip Puts on a Nice, Well-Meaning Dance Party at the Fox Theater

Hot Chip


Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012

Fox Theater, Oakland

Better than: Practicing your manners.

Alexis Taylor could very well be a high school history teacher. In his loose, pleated khakis, plain white button-up, pale blazer, and those huge, dorky eyeglasses, the turtlesque singer of Hot Chip appears more like the sort of person who'd lecture on the Magna Carta than front a dance-rock band. And the same could be said of at least half of his bandmates.

So Hot Chip is not an outfit that strives to be “cool” — even if, judging by the sold out crowd last night at Oakland's Fox Theater, it is. On its new album, In Our Heads, this British outfit sings about racy, controversial topics like the pleasures of monogamy and family life. In interviews, the members profess to being — gasp! — generally content. And the band's once-quirky blend of electro-disco and lovelorn pop has matured into a place of danceable semi-seriousness, where any fun is generally good and clean, and the prevailing tone is earnest optimism.

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