Live Review: Das Racist, Danny Brown and Trackademicks Play Ruby Skye, with Not a Little Irony

Das Racist

Danny Brown


Boots Riley

Nov. 4, 2011

Ruby Skye

Better than: A typical night at Ruby Skye.

Don't blame Das Racist. The words “Ruby Skye” didn't bode well for a successful hip hop show at a club known for pedaling desensitized four-on-the-floor thump to a roomful of slithery homunculi and their glossy, well-medicated brethren. The 8 p.m. billing seemed awfully early, but any available space at the venue's entrance and box office were used to issue stern warnings that the show would be vacated by any means necessary come 10 p.m., at which time the venue's regular denizens would be taking back the place.

Initially the idea seem inspired. What better way for the sardonic trio to up the irony than play at Tiesto's usual San Francisco haunt? Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the members of Das Racist weren't in on the joke — especially when their microphones stopped working.

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