Live Review: Flight Facilities Take Off at the Regency Ballroom

Flight Facilities
Touch Sensitive
The Regency Ballroom
Wednesday, February 24, 2015

Noise Pop’s second day of music saw a raucous, sold-out dance party at the Regency Ballroom, starring rapidly rising Australian electronic duo Flight Facilities.

Flight Facilities catered to the crowd, playing essentially every banger off of 2014’s excellent Down To Earth. Beginning with “Claire De Lune,” vocalist Owl Eyes commanded the crowd with her blonde chanel-haircut and soothing vocals over Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell’s body shaking beats. Gruzman and Lyell wore an aviator cap and old school Pan-Am captain’s hat respectively. It made their set, with the aviation-inspired interactive Flight Facilities logo light (say that five times fast!), feel like a trip on their swagged-out carrier jet. It was reminiscent of Daft Punk’s ambitious stage setup, and they even sampled a DP beat … but easy now, fellas. Not quite there yet. 
The electronic drums on the wonderful “Two Bodies” were so crisp, as the crowd moved in ecstasy and couples in the heat of passion were projected on the screen behind the stage. Owl Eyes established herself as a focal point and never let up. Every time she took the mic, it stirred the audiences energy into a frenzy.

Gruzman and Lyelle never spoke with the crowd, but rather let the music do the talking. Often mixing two tracks from their album into an extended dance mix like when they mashed up “Stand Still” with the Bishop Nehru-voiced “Why Do You Feel.” it was an early apex for the eclectic audience, EDM chicks in shiny pants and drunken stargazing bros alike. 
Owl Eyes and the male vocalist (Stee Downes perhaps?) were the only additions to the set. There was no Reggie Watts for “Sunshine” (sad face), but all of the Down To Earth material was as tight as it is on the record. The song that put Flight Facilities on the map, “Crave You,” garnered the biggest sing-a-long moment of the night, which have the crowd a slight dancing break, if only for a moment.
Make no mistake about it, this was a dance party on a Tuesday. The dancefloor got busier and livelier as the set built and absolutely exploded for the closing track, a cover of Stardust’s classic “Music Sounds Better With You,” even though many of the younger attendees didn’t look like they knew what they were dancing their faces off too.

With a Daft Punk-sampled opening and the Bengalter written closing track, it became obvious what Flight Facilities is going for. This show certainly felt like one of their last in this type of venue before they graduate to big-time dance music status, but their ceiling isn’t high enough to approach Daft Punk territory. Nonetheless, solid set, fun dance party and an effective an early week primer for the other goodies that this fest has in store for the rest of the week. Bon voyage!

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